Exhibition Activation Technology

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are rapidly evolving technologies that offer museums and permanent exhibition spaces compelling new ways to engage visitors and reach entirely new global audiences through virtual channels.

Living Memory is a holistic VR/AR/MR exhibition platform that provides a full range of solutions ranging from consultation, capture, publishing and activation that enables curators to adopt a strategic and progressive integration of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality solutions into their exhibition spaces.

Visitor Engagement
VR/AR activations within exhibition spaces that enable rich and thematic content experiences intrinsically tied to the physical exhibition space, theme and journey.
Dedicated VR rooms and activation points that offers visitors a gateway to into entirely new experiential-driven narratives, archival content and past exhibitions. 
Enhance museum and exhibition campaigns through ultra low cost branded Google Cardboard headsets with exclusive take-away content or customised educational content.
Immersive content from your physical space to enhance digital marketing campaigns and helping you reach entirely new audiences on emerging VR platforms.
Engagement and Creation

We specialise in capturing life-like stereoscopic 3D VR footage and transforming pre-existing 2D and physical assets into immersive VR/AR content, and work with your curators to bring these elements together in narrative-driven experiences crafted for a wide variety of activation points and audiences.

Cost effective and scalable content acquisition that includes:
Talent Capture

Stereoscopic 3D filming of talent (testimonies, story tellers, presenters) that become holographic narrators within the immersive experiences we create

Environment Capture

Stereoscopic 3D capture of physical exhibition spaces to enable archiving for future VR time portals, remote 3D capture of places and people to integrate into VR exhibitions

Assets VR Digitisation

Digitally enabling assets for Living Memory experiences, including 3D VR/AR projection of existing 2D stills/video, CGI rendering of maps and documents, and spatial 3D treatment of existing mono/stereo assets

Volumetric Capture

Stereoscopic and volumetric capture of objects, artefacts and places that enable visitors to explore life-like renditions in an intimate and interactive way

Working with curators to craft content in multiple ways for maximum exposure:
VR Originals

Wholly self-contained and curated specifically for VR exhibitions, typically exhibited in VR rooms as an extension to your physical exhibition space

In-Line Activations

Bespoke VR activation experiences that immerse visitors as part of a journey through a physical exhibition space

Augmented Reality

AR content activated by visitor mobile devices that bring rich and surprising content that springs out of physical artefacts and activation points

Cardboard & Social

VR/AR content tailored to specific audiences (ie. schools/educational) which visitors activate physically and take away for later contemplation; VR/360 content to drive wider social engagement on themes and issues

We consult on and supply all hardware and platform solutions including:
Activation Points

Low footprint VR hardware for bespoke and contextual activations that sit in-line through physical exhibition spaces

VR Rooms

Viewing pods and immersive activation stations for dedicated VR rooms and  dedicated VR immersion points

AR App Development

App development and visitor accessibility strategies for VR/AR activation on viewer owned devices & take away content

Branded Cardboard

Branded take away VR headset solutions (such as Google Cardboard)

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